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What we do

We create, promote and invest in business solutions that use blockchain to build safer, decentralized and more transparent organizations.

  1. Fomenting the blockchain ecosystem

    We empower organizations, investors and professionals on using Blockchain to design a freer, more prosperous socio economic reality.
  2. Designing impactful businesses

    We attract the best talents and specialists from a diverse number of fields to co-create, prototype and validate new businesses that are capable of shaping the future.
  3. Strategically investing

    Our large network of investors, mentors and professionals select the best blockchain-based projects to support and provide all the resources needed to achieve their full potential.

Our team

We are entrepreneurs, investors, designers and software engineers with successful track records in the Tech Industry.

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Come co-create the future.

Investidors, startups, developers, lawyers, advisors and enthusiasts are very welcomed.

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Blocko Centro de Inovação ACATE
Rodovia SC 401, Km 4
Saco Grande
Florianópolis, SC - Brasil
CEP 88032-005
Blocko Centro de Inovação ACATE - Rodovia SC 401, Km 4
Florianópolis, SC - Brasil CEP 88032-005